Friday, March 25, 2011

Organic Gardening, Does it Cost too much? ( Part 3)

How to garden organically without spending a lot of money
So You have decided to give organic gardening a try?
Where do you start?
Start small, if you want. No matter what size yard you have, you can always start small, whether you have just a balcony or 10 acres. You have start somewhere. container gardening works very well for organic gardening. You don’t need to buy any special containers, just use what you have. Tomatoes can be grown on the patio in  a topsy turvy planter.

When Green daddy and I were first married we lived in a t townhouse with a small patio. This patio had a little strip of dirt about four square feet.  Between containers and this little strip of land I grew enough tomatoes and basil to make my own spaghetti sauce.  Yum,  yum. nothing tastes better than fresh pasta sauce.

Where do you plant?
You can begin by planting in containers or as Frugal Granola did plant in your existing flower beds. If you choose the later then you are  following a time honored tradition of English gardens.  Some people prefer to make raised beds, but you do not have to have special beds for herbs or vegetables.  Green daddy’s grandma puts her tomatoes in with her zinnias and marigolds. They  have a fancy name for this now, Edible Landscaping.
If you want to start small try containers.  They are a great way to start you can move them, keep them close to the kitchen or back door, wherever you want them.
Every day items make great containers for planting in.  I might have to try some of these.
Lucy-garden-3water buckets as plant containerscontainer_gardening_1_0container gardening

What to Plant?
So you ask, I am ready to plant what should I plant?  In no particular order  here are some of the easiest to  grow, yes even from seed. 



beans all types

lettuces and spinaches 



swiss chard 



I planted my onions, red and yellow, kale, spinach and some lettuces this past weekend in our new garden bed.  We also planted some chives and cilantro.  After a long absence from fruits in the garden, my 6 year old convinced me to try raspberries and blackberries.  We will be adding tomatoes basil. probably sage and rosemary too. I am hoping to have a beautiful vegetable garden that fits into our front yard. I know I have 5 acres but I have decided that I like my garden close to my kitchen.
More to come be sure to check out the next posting in this blog.  How much do I spend a year gardening?



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Those veggies look lovely!

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