Sunday, March 20, 2011

Organic Gardening, Does it cost too much?

How to garden organically without spending a lot of cash.

This is the first in a series of posts on Frugal Organic Gardening

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I have just spent most of our Spring Break working on our garden beds. Cleaning out perennial beds turning one garden from an ornamental garden into a “pretty”, we hope vegetable and herb garden.  Need I say that I believe in organic gardening? Earlier I was discussing with some acquaintances that I was putting in an organic garden.  Responses varied from I couldn’t do that the dogs would dig it up. to doesn’t that cost a lot to do?
It occurs to me that my view of organic gardening is different from some others out there. For me organic gardening is not that expensive in terms of resources. I suppose if you purchase  your basic supplies, but in my mind that is not in the spirit of being green. Remember Reduce, Reuse Recycle ? For me organic gardening starts in the kitchen. What you ask? I compost, so therefore for me I garden while I am cooking, while I am cleaning out the fridge.  Huh?  Well, let me explain as I was telling my kids compost is an organic gardener’s best friend, well at least mine. For me in starts here. 

Ceramic Compost Crock
kitchen composting crock

I have one of these sitting on the kitchen counter. It is called a kitchen composting crock.  I simply save my kitchen scraps each day, minus any meat and bones.  When the crock is full it the next step is to take it here.
images (3) My compost pile. This is where I put the kitchen scraps. ashes from the fireplace, coffee grounds, tea bags, paper, cardboard boxes (broken down), dust from the vacuum cleaner, debris from the garden, yes even the lint from the dryer.  All this costs me next to nothing.  I did purchase the crock but until this year I used a bowl or a plastic pitcher. I figure this not only is being a good steward by recycling my waste but it saves me money int hat I don't have to buy any organic material to amend my soil.

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