Monday, November 8, 2010

Quinoa and Kale with Cannelli Beans

Three Stars (based on 5) --5 being the number in my family, 3 being how many liked/loved this dish.

A recent addition to our recipe files. Here is a dish I served up last night. This was my second time cooking with both of the main ingredients and I think it went well. I decided to combine both of these great superfoods - Kale and Quinoa. The tumeric and ginger which you all know I have plenty of, both add thier great anti-inflamatory properties to this dish.  This was so good that my husband and 10 year old went back for more.

Super easy recipe.


One box of Veg Broth
One clove of Garlic, I used some from farmers market- much better!
One can of organic white beans
One bunch of Kale
A shake of tumeric
A shake or two of powdered Ginger
A shake of Lemon Grass
A shake of allspice

( I simply shake the powdered spices over the broth, while heating it)

Saute garlic in olive oil.
Add broth and spices ---bring to boil
Add 1 cup of quinoa cook until done -it will absorb all the broth when done.
Remove from heat and add one bunch of Kale  well chopped, mix in and recover pot. The heat will "cook " the kale

Enjoy as a main course or side dish.

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Kathryn said...

Hey Lisa~
I found you and I can attest that this recipe is easy and delicious. I loved it. Thanks. Kathy

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