Friday, October 22, 2010

Paperwork Clutter part two

Having conquered the family message center the other day. I have started to tackle other areas of paper clutter. How much paper clutter do you have in your house? It seems to multiply here.  Bills, coupons, important papers from school and those magazines and books you picked up just meaning to read.  I have been spending most of this week tackling and being tackled by paper clutter. I have to admit PK (that is pre-kid) I was uber organized. Made sure everything was filed away everyday.  But really how much of it do we really need? Paperwork is like laundry there are many ways to manage it. I find daily is best. Everyone has their own way to organize paperwork. Personally I find it works best for me to keep financial and tax documents separate from other papers like photos and kids memorabilia.  There are plenty of organizing blogs and websites out there to help you organize your paperwork and house.  I am not going to recreate the wheel here. Just make you pause and think. How much of this do I really need?  I will recommend disposing of financial and medical documents in a secure manner.

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Fall Garlic said...

Hi Lisa,

I just read a comment of yours on another blog and the idea of holding your kids clothes back until they run out of things they want to wear is in a word, brilliant. You can eliminate so many items in one stroke. Thanks so much for the idea. Keep up the good work.

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