Thursday, October 7, 2010

Clutter makes me Sick

Since I am so busy today with School and coaching my son with soccer. I would wirte about why I am decluttering and reducing our belongins. Although I am selling some of the treasurers we no longer need  It is not to earn money myself, but to simplify my life. For me "Less is more" has been a personal motto for a while now. I have always been a fan of the pure lines the Shaker and Arts and Craft style, the simplicity of it and the cleanliness of it. Back when I was pregnant with #1 we bought our lovely farm house and moved in. I took that as an opportunity to reduce the clutter. Well by the time #3 had come along we acqired a whole diferent sort of clutter. It doesn't seem to matter where it comes from it just to multiplies, like those dust bunnies. At times the clutter overwhelms me , not that is not the right word, it overcomes me. I can feel ill from too much stuff. It may not seem cluttered to some but to me it is too much. You see I like my flat surfaces clear, I am not much for trinkets and tchotkies. No coffee table books on my coffee table suits me fine.

Clutter begets clutter begets chaos. You just can't organize clutter. You have to let go of it. Why do we hold on to some things. How many of us have desk drawers or purses full of receipts and slips of paper that once ment something but no have long ago lost thier meaning? We all have our reasons for holding on to things. Sometimes it is because it make us feel better, or holds special memories or we think having something will make us into a better person.  A wise person once said you should possess your possesions not let them possess you. So why do we persist. in keeping  things that weigh us down?

I have decided it is time to let go of those things that weigh my family down, to make room for more in our lives. When we have sooo many things they become a burden a hinderence and we spend out time caring for our possessions instead of living life. We work to afford them. We work to take care of them.  Ask yourself this question: "Do I take my self worth from the value of what I own? Do I measure myself by my possesions?" If the answer is yes then you may want to join in my adventure in reducing possesions by 20%.

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