Friday, October 15, 2010

Combating paperwork clutter

my command central

This is a difficult one for me to face. BK - in otherwords before kids, I was uber organized, in many areas,  especially in the paper department. Lately though it has been getting away from me. Today I started small and decided to handle our family command center.  This has been bothering me for a while now. It was full of calendars, coupons, schedules and event notices and important papers I don't want to lose. Now I am a big believer in the family calendar. I can never seem to find one that has big enough blocks for everything. The activities the events, the bill schedules, menu planning. This calendar, a freebie, has been my go to for a couple of years now. It has BIG 1" blocks. But still not quite big enough. Hence the need for the other schedules. 

We have Church schedules, game schedules, school schedules, for the kids and husband.  It is ALL too much. 
So it ALL came down.  To my - well maybe not - suprise, most of the coupons were expired and some of the calendars and schedules were out of date. 
full of schedules and multiple calendars

Steam lined schedules all together with the phone lists

calendar with essential information for NEXT year only NO more last year
 I know that some people prefer electronic calendars but for me keeping track of everyone's schedule it is not official unless is on the master calendar.  I have been sooo inspired I think I will tackled the rest of the paper clutter.

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Shannon said...

Hi! That looks great! I am in serious project mode here too. I just thought I would suggest a Desk top calendar- the big kind that you lay on the desk as a calendar/blotter. You can hang it on the wall and the squares are about 2x2 inches. I used to use one on the wall when I taught to keep track of themes, schedules etc. Many are also blank so you can fill in the month and start them at any time. Have a great day!

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