Monday, October 11, 2010

A morning's work - 20% Less continued

Today I went through the winter coats with the kids.  Turns out they have more than enough.  So we applied the 20% rule.  I asked my daughters to reduce thier coats by 20%.  This was no easy task, as one daughter LOVED all the jackets and coats she had.  I am happy to report that we have reduced the coats in my house by 20% and a donation will be made to Coats for Kids annual drive.

I also tackled the freezer. I LOVE grocery shopping at home. We founds some great chorizo that made a delicous lunch when mixed with brown rice corn, black beans and peppers and onions. I was able to plan dinner for 4 more nights from my stockpile in the freezer. Mind you I do not have a big stand alone freezer. We are simply talking the one on the fridge. I am also talking about "real" food. These are not frozen packaged foods. 
Not bad for a morning's work.

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